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Last week we covered 10 Twitter Mistakes That Businesses Make Daily

This week we look at those daily mistakes that businesses make on the professional social network of choice – LinkedIn

So get your suit and tie on – be ready for businesses and read the mistakes that a lot of people make on LinkedIn

At least 2 of these mistakes we encounter in every single LinkedIn Training session so do read until the end

Not Logging Into LinkedIn
1. Not Logging Into LinkedIn

Now this sounds like an entirely obvious “Delia Smith telling you how to boil eggs” style reason

But the number 1 reason LinkedIn doesn’t work for businesses is – they simply do not log into the platform and use it

LinkedIn have released stats that 60% of the UK Workforce use LinkedIn

That is a powerful thought, but the people that actually use on a daily basis will be considerably less

So log in and connect with your network – it doesn’t matter that you’re not looking for a job or you’re “quite busy” with work

Front of mind means tip of tongue and if you’re not in front of your network how much could you actually be missing out on

Out Of Date LinkedIn
2. Having an Out Of Date LinkedIn Profile

Second biggest mistake and again an obvious one before we move on to specifics

“I’ve got a LinkedIn and I do connect with people, but I’ve not updated that new position I moved into 12 months ago” is another sentence that we hear in most LinkedIn sessions

If part of LinkedIn is a very public CV – why would you have out of date information there and not shout about your latest career advancement or job move

Be proud of every step you take and let the world know

A massive part of LinkedIn is how positive other business people are about your career progression

LinkedIn Is Not A Place For Maths Quizzes
3. Posting Quizzes, Sums and Random Shit

If I wanted to play spot the difference, work out maths sums or debate whether it’s a Bap or a Barm I wouldn’t be looking at LinkedIn to do it

Posting stuff just for the sake of engagement may get engagement, but does it enhance your profile or lead to actual business

The average person is sat on LinkedIn isn’t itching to buy because Joe in XYZ Accountants has got 1000 likes and comments on a LinkedIn debate on barmcakes

Think what quality content you can post that educates, informs or helps your network

LinkedIn Turning Into Facebook
4. Posting Posts About LinkedIn Turning Into Facebook

Actually more annoying than posts as listed above

Are posts about LinkedIn Turning into Facebook – because those posts outnumber the posts that could be classed as Facebook-esque on LinkedIn

If you’re concerned about the quality of posts on LinkedIn and feel it’s dumbing down – simply remove those people from your network that insist on going down the dumbed down route and engage heavily on those that provide valuable posts

On LinkedIn you get what you put out there – engage with quality posts and the users will look to post more quality posts for engagement and interaction

LinkedIn No Profile Photo
5. Having No Profile Photo or Having a Profile Photo Taken On Holiday / Drunk / Family Photo

Unless you’re a son or daughter of a rock star or ex-hippies – chances are there are lot of people on LinkedIn with the same name as you

A business card is much more than a job title and company name – it’s a memory jog of what you look like and the conversation that took place when you met

If they can’t place that face on LinkedIn after meeting due to you having no photo, it makes you harder to connect with and less memorable

Similarly if you’re meeting someone for the 1st time, LinkedIn will often be the last place you look before you walk into the venue for a reminder of who you’re meeting

People buy from people – they don’t buy from blank profiles

Similarly – a photo of you lying on the beach or sipping cocktails doesn’t work. It’s just not business!!

LinkedIn Private Mode - Blank Business Card
6. Going Anonymous / Private Mode

Imagine walking into a networking meeting with a paper bag on your head, saying nothing and handing people blank business cards out

It might get people wondering who you are, but it’s pretty pointless

Now I know most of the time it’s usually people looking at their competitors, but if people are that desperate to see what their competitors are up to there is Twitter which is fairly open and transparent

And If you’re worried about people seeing who your connections are, there are settings you can lock down so they can only see mutual connections

But don’t go into private mode for any reason – it’s pointless!!!

Ignoring LinkedIn Messages
7. Ignoring Messages After Connecting

We’ve all been there

Someone sends a connection request, you accept and as there’s mutual ground / shared connections you send a polite welcome message to arrange a meet up / further chat

And radio silence

It’s not pleasant and to the person this happens to – you feel a little dirty like someone’s connecting with you as a number to reach that 500 connections point

Networking happens best when people chat freely – so if you’re prepared to connect with someone. Be prepared to have a conversation with them

LinkedIn Hard Sell
8. Going Straight Into Sales Messages After Connecting

Don’t sell on the 1st conversation

It really is as simple as that

LinkedIn is a platform where you can be upfront and state your intent as it is all about doing business

But build rapport, strengthen the relationship and then look at the sell as a long term plan

The dreaded sales message is something we all dread – ask yourself how many times have you responded to one before sending your own

LinkedIn Groups - Which To Join?
9. Only Joining Groups Of Your Peers

Where are your customers eyes is something we always ask new businesses when they discuss marketing options

Similarly you have to think which LinkedIn groups your target market are part of

They’re generally not in the groups of your peers

So many businesses join the Industry LinkedIn Groups rather than hyper-local businesses groups or groups their target market are using

Choose which groups you use wisely

Give Referrals - Givers Gain
10. Not Giving Referrals To Others

Givers Gain

As well as leaving actual written recommendations when you’ve used the services of another business

Be active in looking for opportunities for your network

People are asking every day for recommendations of service providers or advertising jobs

And it takes just 10-15 minutes a day to scroll through your news feed and be proactive

A network that does not refer others is a networking that does not work

If you want to chat to us about an effective marketing plan for your business

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